Flyer Friktioner/Friction 2014


Theme: Freedom of Action
May 14–17, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden

In the city, The Botanical Garden, Uppsala City Library,
House of Peace, c/o Katalin and Uppsala Art Museum

Oleg Kulik, Russia (Lecture)
Sakiko Yamaoka, Japan
Sinéad O´Donnell, Northern Ireland
Tamar Raban, Israel
Anka Fugazi, Poland
Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Gabon/Germany
Natasha Dahnberg, Uppsala, Sweden
Peppe Rosvik, Finland
Dominik Lipp, Switzerland
Elena Kovylina, Russia
Taus Mackhacheva, Russia
Andrey Kuzkin, Russia
Gustaf Broms/Nigel Rolfe, Sweden/UK
Participants in Performance Pathway, Royal College of Arts, London,
coordinated by Gustaf Broms
Opening performance: SU-EN, Sweden, with Choir Munviga directed by Gina van Dam

Curator: SU-EN

How can a piece of art or an art action open new ways in societies of
political conflicts of totalitarian structures? How are the art work formed in
these situations? How far can or should an artist go to realize the work?

Invited speakers:
Oleg Kulik, Artist, Curator and Professor, Russia.
Peter Wallensteen, Senior Professor of Peace and Conflict Research,
Uppsala University.
Moderator: Rikard Ekholm, PhD in Aesthetics, Department of Philosophy,
Uppsala University
Location: House of Peace, Uppsala Castle
Seminar is free of charge

Organizers: Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai
Uppsala Art Museum +46 (0)18 727 24 82 (reception)

Tickets: “Frictionerpasset” entrance to the whole program 200 SEK
Single entrance ticket Uppsala Art Museum: 40 SEK
c/o Katalin (performance and concert with Differnet): 100 SEK
Tickets are sold at the venues