Friction International Performance Art Festival takes a break after having produced five festivals in collaboration between SU-EN Butoh Company and Uppsala Art Museum since 2006. The collaboration has been fruitful and the different competences have been used in order to realize this grand art happening. For the time being both parties would like to develop their ideas in slightly different directions and maybe Friction will reappear again, in a new shape. After five fantastic festivals, 92 international performance artists, 106 exciting and challenging performance artworks, 54 courageous volunteers and an audience of estimated 13000 persons, the festival will now round off and leave space for new exciting projects.

Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN Butoh Company would like to express our profound gratitude to all the artists, volunteers and collaboration partners and not the least the fantastic audience that has embraced Friction.

Welcome to the Friction Day!

Wednesday February 4th 2015
Uppsala Art Museum

Release of the Friction Catalogue 2014 with text by the journalist and writer Radmila Djurica and photography by Gunnar H Stening.
Premier of the Friction video, filmed and edited by Anders Rönnlund
Performande: Light Control with Agustín Ortiz Herrera
Agustín Ortiz Herrera is researching social phenomena such as the decline of the political and economic system, the devastating effects of competitive moral, the increase of social differences in a search for new alternative productive systems. In the performance he will explore one of the most common life dilemmas; the controlling nature of power. Agustín Ortiz Herrera is an artist from Barcelona, living in Uppsala. He is currently taking his master in fine arts at Konstfack, university college of arts, crafts and design in Stockholm.
Onsdag 4 februari 18.00-20.00

Friktionerdagen: katalogrelease, filmvisning, mingel och sammanfattning av festivalen 2014.
Performance: Light Control med Agustín Ortiz Herrera


FRICTION 2014 is over and we would like to thank all the artists for sharing their artistic work and ideas in relation to the theme Freedom of Action.

A big thanks to the partners, sponsors, volunteers and the audience for all the contributions to the festival!

Best regards

SU-EN curator
Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson Project Manager
and the rest of the crew

erasing HER history Sinéad O´Donnell foto: Eva Björkman

erasing HER history
Sinéad O´Donnell
foto: Eva Björkman

Media, reviews etc:

April 2014

Cora Magazine, April

14th: Friktioner i Cora

25th: Festivalsommar i faggorna; FRIKTIONER, Uppsala

29th FRIKTIONER – Internationell performancekonstfestival

May 2014

6th: Performancefestival vill ingjuta mod

14th: Med fokus på rysk konst och förtryck

15th: Dagens Nyheter notis
Konstnärer intar Uppsalas offentliga rum

16th: Eftermiddag i P4 Uppland Tid: 09:47-16:59

17th: Festival med konfliktfylld konst


Flyer Friktioner/Friction 2014


Theme: Freedom of Action
May 14–17, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden

In the city, The Botanical Garden, Uppsala City Library,
House of Peace, c/o Katalin and Uppsala Art Museum

Oleg Kulik, Russia (Lecture)
Sakiko Yamaoka, Japan
Sinéad O´Donnell, Northern Ireland
Tamar Raban, Israel
Anka Fugazi, Poland
Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Gabon/Germany
Natasha Dahnberg, Uppsala, Sweden
Peppe Rosvik, Finland
Dominik Lipp, Switzerland
Elena Kovylina, Russia
Taus Mackhacheva, Russia
Andrey Kuzkin, Russia
Gustaf Broms/Nigel Rolfe, Sweden/UK
Participants in Performance Pathway, Royal College of Arts, London,
coordinated by Gustaf Broms
Opening performance: SU-EN, Sweden, with Choir Munviga directed by Gina van Dam

Curator: SU-EN

How can a piece of art or an art action open new ways in societies of
political conflicts of totalitarian structures? How are the art work formed in
these situations? How far can or should an artist go to realize the work?

Invited speakers:
Oleg Kulik, Artist, Curator and Professor, Russia.
Peter Wallensteen, Senior Professor of Peace and Conflict Research,
Uppsala University.
Moderator: Rikard Ekholm, PhD in Aesthetics, Department of Philosophy,
Uppsala University
Location: House of Peace, Uppsala Castle
Seminar is free of charge

Organizers: Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai
Uppsala Art Museum +46 (0)18 727 24 82 (reception)

Tickets: “Frictionerpasset” entrance to the whole program 200 SEK
Single entrance ticket Uppsala Art Museum: 40 SEK
c/o Katalin (performance and concert with Differnet): 100 SEK
Tickets are sold at the venues

Nästa Friktioner / Next Friction

Children of Guts (SU-EN and Hans T Sternudd), Re-sets the Table, Friction 2012.

Children of Guts (SU-EN and Hans T Sternudd), Re-sets the Table, Friction 2012.

Nu förbereder vi inför nästa Friktioner 14-17 maj 2014 i Uppsala. 
Hoppas att vi ses! Vi kommer snart att lägga ut information om vilka konstnärer som kommer att delta, samarbetspartner och program.

We are preparing for next Friction Festival, May 14 – 17, 2014.
Hope to see you there! The list of participating artists, collaboration plan and rough plan will be listed shortly. 

Best regards

Friction team



Välkommen till

Onsdag 6 mars 17.00-20.00
Plats: Uppsala konstmuseum
FRI ENTRÉ 16.00-20.00

17:00 Performance av konstnären Gustaf Broms, mingel, förfriskningar ochkatalog release (katalogen delas ut gratis under Friktionerdagen).
17:30 Summering av Friktioner 2012, framtidsvisioner och Friktioner 2014: Elisabeth Fagerstedt, museichef, SU-EN, curator, Per Nilsson, filosof och skribent och Johannes Blomqvist, curator assistent.
18:30 Videovisning (Friktioner 2012) och eftermingel.
20:00 Slut

Welcome to the Friction Day
Wednesday March 6th 2013,  5 pm – 8pm
Location: Uppsala Art Museum

You are invited by Friction International Performance Art Festival to sum up the fortunate festival of 2012 with Elisabeth Fagerstedt, museum director, SU-EN, curator, Per Nilsson, philosopher and writer and Johannes Blomqvist, co-curator. The catalogue is launched and the video documentation will be shown for the first time.
The artist Gustaf Broms presents a new art work. Mingle with refreshments and snacks.

FREE ENTRANCE 16.00-20.00

BESÖKSADRESS  Uppsala slott, ingång E    TEL  018-727 24 82 (reception)
POSTADRESS  Drottning Christinas väg 1E, SE-752 37 Uppsala, Sweden