Friction International Performance Art Festival 2006-2014

FRICTION International Performance Art Festival was initiated in 2006 by Helen Karlsson, Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN, dancer, choreographer and performance artist.

The vision with FRICTION was to move the contemporary art outside of the museum wall and to the people, as well as asking questions what the artists are allowed to do through their artistic discipline and expression. Through this festival, new territories opened up the the art lovers of Uppsala, who could encounter international artists of high standards. Performance Art took over the city for 4 days and disturbed in a friendly and loving way the city life.

The focus point of FRICTION was body art, which was a personal choise by SU-EN, who curated the festival until 2014, but a also work including sound and installation type performances.

Find presentations the 2010-2014 FRICTION above.

You may order a catalogue free of charge from previous festivals, including 2006-2008 from SU-EN Butoh Company,